How will you play Nasus?

Nasus setup!

Nasus, one of the most overpowered and dangerous champions in League of Legends (in my opinion); and he is only overpowered when I play him. Hahaha. Anyways, here is the skin I have for Nasus. Galactic Nasus. He is a dog from space, who wouldn’t want to play him. I say he is the most dangerous in the game because if your enemies allow you to farm your Siphoning Strike for too long, you’re going to end up winning the game.

The masteries I use for Nasus are 21-9-0. I have huge offense, and even though he is a tank, I only put 9 points into blues for early game defense. The rest of the game you can just build tank. Atmas Impaler is your friend, your best friend! My Nasus masteries are different to my other AD pages as well. I put three points into Vampirism because Nasus comes with Lifesteal as his passive. So why not add to it? Sustain forever. This is why you can stay and farm all day. Besides that, Siphoning strike has a very low cooldown and has a mana cost of I believe 30.

I use movement speed and armor to start with Nasus on my rune page. There is extra armor pen to add to the deadliness of his Siphoning Strike. I also like to add the fact that I have cooldown per level glyphs. These are used to use Siphoning Strike over and over in team fights. With this setup, Nasus will be unstoppable. The cycle of cats and dogs continues, dogs will live cats will die.

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Jarrett (Kairic) – Master Yi Gameplay

Master Yi has a huge amount of damage early game. Look at this start of the game gank that Jarrett’s team put together in the bottom bush on The Twisted Treeline. He is able to smack down this Kayle with a few auto attacks and an alpha strike to really set that bar high for this game.

Just as Jarrett (Kairic) always says. “Meditate saves lives,” and this is so true. Look at Jarrett take down the enemy Garen, meditate for a bit so that Kayle cannot hurt him as badly anymore. Once he is done meditating and she begins to run, Jarrett capitalizes and takes her down! Double Kill!

Besides the title of the movie and the hilarious narration by my buddy Jarrett (Kairic), take a look at the damage that Master Yi ends up getting at such a low level. He is able to tear through this Skarner and take down the enemy Garen without even trying.

Master Yi is another hero that can single handedly take out an entire enemy team very easily. His ultimate refreshes all of his cooldowns every time you kill someone while using it. Talk about crazy, but believe it when you see it. Jarrett (Kairic) knew exactly how to ace this team!

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My boy Jarrett – Kairic – How to Master Yi

An honorary member of our ranked team: FriendsWithMana, is Jarrett. His summoner name is Kairic. His best champion gameplay is Master Yi. If you end up playing us while we have Jarrett on our team and you decide to not ban Master Yi, you probably handed us the win. Below you will learn how he puts together an unstoppable Master Yi. Gameplay videos going up NOW!

Kairic : Master Yi setup!

Master Yi, well where do we begin? Probably the most problematic champion in League of Legends once he is built. He is a champion that can wipe out an entire enemy team with just one spell (which of course refreshes every time you kill someone). Anyways, Here is the skin that my buddy Jarrett (Kairic) uses for Master Yi. Jarrett is a StarWars fan, I’m pretty sure that he has a StarWars ringtone. In addition to this, what makes this skin so badass, is the fact that Master Yi actually carries a light saber. End of discussion. Look out!

Jarrett (Kairic) uses the standard Attack Damage Mastery page. The 21-9-0 setup that he uses allows him to have huge damage output, along with getting life as the game progresses to support his  in your face gameplay persona. What I like about Jarrett’s Mastery Page here is the fact that he does not put points into lifesteal, he instead puts 3 points into Havoc, increasing Master Yi’s damage output to the next level. You’d be surprised what a marginal difference the extra 3% does.

Here is Jarrett’s (Kairic) rune page that he uses for Master Yi. He has armor to make sure that he is sturdy enough early game to take some hits, and return larger ones. I’m not too sure what the cooldown is really useful for late game, but Jarrett does love Alpha Striking. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt; you’ll see what I mean once you see his gameplay videos. He actually has a huge 15 Armor Penetration on his runepage as well, can you imagine what this does once he is fully build (adding the Black Cleaver)? Gameplay Videos of Jarrett (Kairic) coming soon!

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Hey everyone! So it seems like there is hope for you all to see FriendsWithMana play live! It looks like this link ( is actually a livestream website that many gamers use to allow anyone to watch them play. The biggest benefit with using this website is the fact that everything is recorded. When I say everything I mean everything. The music you are listening to, your voice input, your Skype call/Ventrilo speaking, as well as the game sounds. This will be amazing once we get it running. You will be able to tune into us playing and even feel what its like to be in our seats. I will be sure to get it going on mine, maybe captain Anti Nick Bot will also be able to get it running. This will be great since we both play completely different champions.

Also! With the livestream going, if you are watching definitely tweet us @FriendsWithMana. Tell me what you think we should do, or how we are doing. Give us your input! Everything is welcome! Thanks for reading everyone! Up to 17 followers on the blog! Lets make it to 25, maybe we have something in store for our 25th follower??

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mangalcb – King Tryndamere gameplay

Tryndamere’s mock is the hardest thing to get away from. Look at him, you’ll die. Run away from him, you’ll die. This is just a decision you will have to make when you see a Tryndamere running at you. Pray that you have someone with some type of crowd control on your team.

Tryndamere’s ult makes him so overpowered. Look at all the damage he takes while not even thinking about it. This goes back to what I said in the Tryndamere setup guide. Tryndamere simply put, has God Mode. He will not die for I believe 6 seconds. This is a long time, and just enough time to take out a majority of an enemy team.

In this video, you will see that Tryndamere doesn’t care how much health you have. This was a Volibear as well, one of the heaviest people in the game. Tryndamere late game will be able to shred through everything much easier.

Varus is pretty squishy, but my God, look at how Tryndamere’s hits melt him. Late game, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing. Tryndamere will break down your lifebar just like this. He is one of the most dangerous League of Legends champions in my opinion.

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mangalcb – King Tryndamere

Tryndamere setup!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the legendary Tryndamere skin. But this is for good reason,  I think it looks weird. Besides that, Tryndamere is the king. So why not get the King Tryndamere skin? Exactly. There is one reason why Tryndamere is the king. Late game, it is not impossible for this guy to take down an entire enemy team 1v5. His ultimate is nothing short of God mode, he will not die.

Tryndamere is completely in your face when he hits you. I go 21-9-0 when I play him in order to capitalize on that. Notice that I do not even take the lifesteal masteries. I don’t care much about them, I just want damage. My damage. I get the 9 points in defensive for early game, this helps whether I’m in lane or jungling. I believe that Tryndamere is also a champion that doesn’t necessarily need smite in order to jungle.

I am using this rune page for Tryndamere for the time being. Usually, I am a jerk and I use a page entirely dedicated to crit damage. I had to get rid of it due to the fact that they did recently change critical strike chance and Tryndamere’s passive. Either way, I have the standard armor penetration marks, and armor seals to make sure that people know not to mess with me. Gameplay videos coming shortly!

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Anti Nick Bot – Udyr gameplay

This Annie must be so mad. Look at Nick, aka Anti Nick Bot tear her down, making this little girl and her bear wonder why they are even laning with him.

Here is the enemy Annie once again, regretting her decisions. Look at Nick, aka Anti Nick Bot completely out-do this Annie while she has the help of her team! After he takes her down, look at Nick simply flash out and walk away like nothing even happened.

My boy Nick, aka Anti Nick Bot is a boss with Udyr, look at him maneuver like nobody can and completely take down an enemy team, making them look absolutely stupid. Don’t step to this dude.

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