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I build Darius as a tank. I have recently found out that he is an amazing jungler as well. Either way, look at me tank a Nidalee as well as another Darius, AND escape with a kill.

The ult Darius has is unforgiving. Look at me spin and completely mutilate Nidalee with my ultimate. Darius is great at making your opponents life bars disappear.

Darius does a huge amount of damage with his spin. In addition to that, look at the range. If you are playing Darius make sure that you max out his Q spell to do some serious damage.

Here is another look at Darius’ ult. He is definitely the new League of Legends overpowered flavor of the week. Either way, I’m taking advantage of this for as long as I can.

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Jarvan has a combo with two spells that is an interrupt, and what I have just found out, a reveal. Teemo’s passive allows him to become invisible after 3 seconds of no activity. Take a look at me reveal him to allow Shaco to get the kill.

Jarvan is a tank and a support player. Look at me completely dive this Teemo on his tower, and barely take any damage as I kill him.

Jarvan’s ult is one of the best trapping spells in the game. If you use it wrong however, you will definitely upset yourself, your team, and possibly lose games or kills. Here is a correct showing of Jarvan’s ult. Look how close Teemo is to his healing fountain… too bad he’s trapped. GG

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Here is me taking out our enemy Galio on our tower. Even though he was stupid to ult on an enemy tower, its something I will definitely take advantage of.

Here is example #2 showing how Lux can snipe her enemies out without them knowing where she is. Look at this GP barely get away before I shoot him down. Make sure you work on your kiting.

Here is one example on how Lux can snipe out enemies without even having to engage or be hit. Here is me showing the enemy Lux how you actually play this champion. Steady aim!

I’m not too sure why I dove as a squishy caster, but Lux’s shield saved her here. Make sure that as you play Lux, DO NOT FORGET to level your shield. It saved me here, it can save you too.

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Here is another video that shows just how dangerous it is to let a Nasus get farmed up. Look at this team fight where I target the enemy Malzahar. You can see his lifebar completely melt down as I keep on walking as if he were any other minion.

This is a video that shows once again how powerful Nasus is. Farming up his Siphoning Strike for a long time makes even the heaviest of opponents seem like the smallest. Look at this Volibear run for his life, but fail to get away.

This video shows just how dangerous it is to let a Nasus get farmed up. Look at me tank a tower, and blow down two enemy players to get an unstoppable double kill.

Here is a video of me playing Nasus, in our successful attempt to ace our enemy team. This video shows just how useful Nasus’ wither spell is. Volibear is a very fast opponent. Look at me slow him down and have my ult’s AOE take him down.

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Master Yi has a huge amount of damage early game. Look at this start of the game gank that Jarrett’s team put together in the bottom bush on The Twisted Treeline. He is able to smack down this Kayle with a few auto attacks and an alpha strike to really set that bar high for this game.

Just as Jarrett (Kairic) always says. “Meditate saves lives,” and this is so true. Look at Jarrett take down the enemy Garen, meditate for a bit so that Kayle cannot hurt him as badly anymore. Once he is done meditating and she begins to run, Jarrett capitalizes and takes her down! Double Kill!

Besides the title of the movie and the hilarious narration by my buddy Jarrett (Kairic), take a look at the damage that Master Yi ends up getting at such a low level. He is able to tear through this Skarner and take down the enemy Garen without even trying.

Master Yi is another hero that can single handedly take out an entire enemy team very easily. His ultimate refreshes all of his cooldowns every time you kill someone while using it. Talk about crazy, but believe it when you see it. Jarrett (Kairic) knew exactly how to ace this team!

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Tryndamere’s mock is the hardest thing to get away from. Look at him, you’ll die. Run away from him, you’ll die. This is just a decision you will have to make when you see a Tryndamere running at you. Pray that you have someone with some type of crowd control on your team.

Tryndamere’s ult makes him so overpowered. Look at all the damage he takes while not even thinking about it. This goes back to what I said in the Tryndamere setup guide. Tryndamere simply put, has God Mode. He will not die for I believe 6 seconds. This is a long time, and just enough time to take out a majority of an enemy team.

In this video, you will see that Tryndamere doesn’t care how much health you have. This was a Volibear as well, one of the heaviest people in the game. Tryndamere late game will be able to shred through everything much easier.

Varus is pretty squishy, but my God, look at how Tryndamere’s hits melt him. Late game, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing. Tryndamere will break down your lifebar just like this. He is one of the most dangerous League of Legends champions in my opinion.

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This Annie must be so mad. Look at Nick, aka Anti Nick Bot tear her down, making this little girl and her bear wonder why they are even laning with him.

Here is the enemy Annie once again, regretting her decisions. Look at Nick, aka Anti Nick Bot completely out-do this Annie while she has the help of her team! After he takes her down, look at Nick simply flash out and walk away like nothing even happened.

My boy Nick, aka Anti Nick Bot is a boss with Udyr, look at him maneuver like nobody can and completely take down an enemy team, making them look absolutely stupid. Don’t step to this dude.

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18-0, yep, that’s right. A flawless game. A flawless murder. Here is another montage of me playing LeBlanc blowing up the entire enemy team. This game was an absolute win, with an immediate surrender after my 18th kill. Make sure you eat your Wheaties!

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Here is a treat for all of you viewers. This is a video where I went 32-1 as Viegar on Summoners Rift. Now, with the AP carry being so successful in a game, wouldn’t you think that we had the game in the bag? Yeah, most people would. But the enemy Master-Yi kept coming in and backdooring our towers, leading to a loss.

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Here is a video that shows just how mobile Ezreal is. It also shows how this Riven threw the game for her team. I’m still sitting here wondering what the hell this Riven thought she was doing… Either way, please remember to report the feeders.

Ezreal attacks fast. Ezreal attacks REALLY fast. Look at my come in and completely clean up the crowd with this quick and painless double kill!

What you’re about to see is Ezreal in a nutshell. Ezreal can control the map. Even though this shot is somewhat close. You can see that with the right aim, you can hit anyone from any part of the map! Ezreal is the sharp shooter of League of Legends… well the player is!

Look down, some people may call this a kill steal, or KS. I call it taking advantage of a 300 gold opportunity. But the reason I uploaded this video is to show just how quickly Ezreal can pop into a fight without you even knowing.

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Xerath has an unbeatable range on his “Q”. Watch this video and see exactly what I’m talking about. I was able to pick up a pretty sweet First Blood with this!

The stun that comes from Xerath’s “E” is so unforgiving! Mundo is not even able to escape. The crazy part about this video is that Mundo even had Burning Agony on.

Is it me? Or did this Lee Sin forget that Magic Resistance is crucial in League of Legends. Another possible reason for this is the fact that Xerath has huge burst damage, and once you’re stunned, I do not even have to aim!

This is another video that shows just how long the range is on Xerath’s spells. Look at this Kennen run for his life, actually make it into his Healing Fountain, and still die! You’d be mad too.

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Take a look at this video to see how Vladimir CAN actually lane against a Kennen. I’ve been hearing a lot of people complain about Kennen being overpowered, or that Vladimir cannot lane against Kennen. This is absolutely wrong. Check it out!

Take two! This one was a near death; however, if you learn how to save your pool for crucial moments, you will never lose as Vladimir!

Take three! I wonder why this Kennen comes back to the lane to fight me still?! This time I dove him to show him who’s boss.

Here is a video that shows why it is important to keep your stacks up to 3 or 4 on Tides of Blood all the time. Watch as this Akali comes up to gank me, but instantly melts because I have 4 stacks ready to go all the time!

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Wanna take a look at the shooting power LeBlanc has?!

LeBlanc isn’t called an assassin for nothing. Look at these moves and take notes!

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