Champion Masteries/Runes

Darius setup!

Well holy Hell, here he is. In my opinion, the most overpowered champion on League of Legends. Bar none. That is it. Even after getting nerfed after his first week in action, Darius is the most powerful. I guess that’s probably why I got this Lord Darius skin. Either way, his hemorrhage scales 1/3 of his attack damage, and he is a tank. Yes, I pretty much said to build him as tank as possible, and put an Atmas Impaler on top of him. GG

The same runes that I use for Jarvan I use for Darius. He is most likely going to be built the same way as Jarvan early game. When I play Darius, I play him as a jungler on 5’s and solo top on 3’s. He is so dangerous to lane against. His spin applies stacks of hemorrhage, and this hurts BADLY. If you really want to be a boss with Darius, here’s a hint. Take ignite to secure kills as your enemies run away. Hemorrhage on top of ignite is huge damage.

Like I said before, runes for me are completely about the early game advantage. Especially for tanky heroes. Taking the armor, the armor pen, and movement speed on Darius allow me to stay in lane forever, and not go back to buy until I have a lantern and boots! There is a huge difference when you can jungle for a while without having to go back. Sometimes this allows you to be a higher level than the mid lane even. Gameplay videos? Comin’ right up!

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Jarvan setup!

Jarvan, the examplar of Demacia. Probably one of the tankiest/AD champions in the game. His passive allows you to hit enemies based on 6% of their maximum life for the first hit, and every hit four seconds after that. Pretty messed up if you ask me. His standard and spear combo is absolutely one of the best disrupts in the game. With that said, his ultimate is also very disruptive – to a point. You can easily screw your teammates over if you mess up a Jarvan ult, or forget to release it in escape situations. Also, I use this Jarvan skin because he is a dragon slayer, what else do you wanna know? Geeze…

Here is the standard 9-21-0 tanky dps champion mastery page that I use for Jarvan. You cannot be successful by building this guy completely AD, you need some type of tankiness or else you’re just going to die in team fights. Please remember that Jarvan is an engager! Grab items like a Heart of Gold and turn it into a Randuins Omen or Locket of the Iron Solari. It may not be a bad idea grabbing a Madred’s Bloodrazor either. Look back and read  about his passive, ON TOP of the Bloodrazor… pretty messed up!

I use my jungler rune page with Jarvan. 1. Because he is a jungler. and 2. Because he needs some type of tankiness early game in order to survive. His early game sustain is out of this world with a Doran’s Shield. Grab one of those and go to the top lane. Or grab the cloth armor, 5 potions, and head to the Golems! Also, if you mess up the Jarvan ult, do not panic. Simply hit your R again and it will shut down the walls.

I only have 3 videos of Jarvan worth showing, they are soon to come!

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Lux setup!

All I can say about this Lux skin, is that I always used to watch that one show… I think it was called Bewitched? Anyways, I think that this is the skin for that show. I always remember the lady would wiggle her nose and disappear? So long ago! Lux is one of the better support/carry champions in the game. Of course as a witch you expect her to be an AP champion. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. she is a sharpshooter with somewhat of a limited range. Just don’t get caught by me! I’m firin’ mah lazer!

This is a given, but for Lux I use my Blast AP mastery page. I put 21 points in offense to make sure I get the job done with her ultimate. The executioner mastery enables me to do this. I grab some Utility Masteries putting points into mana regen so I can stay in lane, and I also grab some movement speed points so I can chase people down and snare them!

I use the Wicked rune page. I mean, Lux is a witch right?! Anyways, if you have a caster and are not using magic penetration marks, you’re probably doing it wrong. Nevermind, you’re just doing it wrong. I get some scaling AP glyphs, and some flat AP for all of my other runes to make sure I am really pounding these enemies down early game. REMEMBER! Read Lux’s passive! Whenever you hit an enemy with an ability, your next basic attack is enhanced! Learn to use this in a safe and effective way!

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Nasus setup!

Nasus, one of the most overpowered and dangerous champions in League of Legends (in my opinion); and he is only overpowered when I play him. Hahaha. Anyways, here is the skin I have for Nasus. Galactic Nasus. He is a dog from space, who wouldn’t want to play him. I say he is the most dangerous in the game because if your enemies allow you to farm your Siphoning Strike for too long, you’re going to end up winning the game.

The masteries I use for Nasus are 21-9-0. I have huge offense, and even though he is a tank, I only put 9 points into blues for early game defense. The rest of the game you can just build tank. Atmas Impaler is your friend, your best friend! My Nasus masteries are different to my other AD pages as well. I put three points into Vampirism because Nasus comes with Lifesteal as his passive. So why not add to it? Sustain forever. This is why you can stay and farm all day. Besides that, Siphoning strike has a very low cooldown and has a mana cost of I believe 30.

I use movement speed and armor to start with Nasus on my rune page. There is extra armor pen to add to the deadliness of his Siphoning Strike. I also like to add the fact that I have cooldown per level glyphs. These are used to use Siphoning Strike over and over in team fights. With this setup, Nasus will be unstoppable. The cycle of cats and dogs continues, dogs will live cats will die.

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Kairic : Master Yi setup!

Master Yi, well where do we begin? Probably the most problematic champion in League of Legends once he is built. He is a champion that can wipe out an entire enemy team with just one spell (which of course refreshes every time you kill someone). Anyways, Here is the skin that my buddy Jarrett (Kairic) uses for Master Yi. Jarrett is a StarWars fan, I’m pretty sure that he has a StarWars ringtone. In addition to this, what makes this skin so badass, is the fact that Master Yi actually carries a light saber. End of discussion. Look out!

Jarrett (Kairic) uses the standard Attack Damage Mastery page. The 21-9-0 setup that he uses allows him to have huge damage output, along with getting life as the game progresses to support his  in your face gameplay persona. What I like about Jarrett’s Mastery Page here is the fact that he does not put points into lifesteal, he instead puts 3 points into Havoc, increasing Master Yi’s damage output to the next level. You’d be surprised what a marginal difference the extra 3% does.

Here is Jarrett’s (Kairic) rune page that he uses for Master Yi. He has armor to make sure that he is sturdy enough early game to take some hits, and return larger ones. I’m not too sure what the cooldown is really useful for late game, but Jarrett does love Alpha Striking. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt; you’ll see what I mean once you see his gameplay videos. He actually has a huge 15 Armor Penetration on his runepage as well, can you imagine what this does once he is fully build (adding the Black Cleaver)? Gameplay Videos of Jarrett (Kairic) coming soon!

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Tryndamere setup!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the legendary Tryndamere skin. But this is for good reason,  I think it looks weird. Besides that, Tryndamere is the king. So why not get the King Tryndamere skin? Exactly. There is one reason why Tryndamere is the king. Late game, it is not impossible for this guy to take down an entire enemy team 1v5. His ultimate is nothing short of God mode, he will not die.

Tryndamere is completely in your face when he hits you. I go 21-9-0 when I play him in order to capitalize on that. Notice that I do not even take the lifesteal masteries. I don’t care much about them, I just want damage. My damage. I get the 9 points in defensive for early game, this helps whether I’m in lane or jungling. I believe that Tryndamere is also a champion that doesn’t necessarily need smite in order to jungle.

I am using this rune page for Tryndamere for the time being. Usually, I am a jerk and I use a page entirely dedicated to crit damage. I had to get rid of it due to the fact that they did recently change critical strike chance and Tryndamere’s passive. Either way, I have the standard armor penetration marks, and armor seals to make sure that people know not to mess with me. Gameplay videos coming shortly!

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Anti Nick Bot : Udyr setup!

Above is the skin that my buddy Nick uses to play Udyr with. He has said that this skin is the absolute reason why he even plays League of Legends. Nick is a boss with Udyr, I have never seen anyone dominate with Udyr the way he does. When you see his Udyr gameplay videos you’ll realize that it could never happen to you.

Nick uses kind of a standard heavy attack damage build on Udyr. He has durability like hell with the way he plays Udyr. I have actually seen Nick play Udyr and jungle on the Twisted Treeline without Smite! It’s crazy. he just has a way with it. Don’t ask me, just play with us one day and you will see.

Look at Nick’s runes! This is a rune page that not many people would have. It is tank, yet attack damage. But lets see what you guys think? You would be crazy to not get an Atmas Impaler on this build. I think that with the movement speed that he puts on with runes, on top of Udyr’s bear stance you can never catch him. As Nick says “Rope’a’dope”, although I just call it “Randy Mossing”.

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Ezreal setup!

Here is the skin that I use when I play Ezreal. I’m still wondering where that Legendary Skin teaser is for this guy. You know what I’m talking about right? That new Mega-Man skin that he was supposed to get. Anyways, Ezreal is one of my favorite heroes, he’s a sniper, as well as someone who can move so quickly that one moment you have full health, the next you’re dead.

If you look closely as my Ezreal mastery page, you’ll sit back and say that I’m once again, very crazy from staying away from the 21,0,9 setups that most people use when playing League of Legends. If you look closely, I have 23 points in offense because Ezreal is a champion that uses both Attack Damage, and Magic Damage. Taking both improved Magic Penetration and improved Armor Penetration in your masteries makes you have deadly force early game!

Here is the rune page that I use for Ezreal. Looking at this page, you can see that this page is made of little pluses that definitely help early game and shine through early game. I take the cooldown per level in my runes because as Ezreal reaches late game, he will be unstoppable. You can use all of your spells so frequently that nobody knows what hit them. In addition to this, the other runes that I have help me blast down my enemies early game!

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Xerath setup!

Here is the skin I use for Xerath. I prefer Battlecast Xerath over the Runebourne Xerath. Besides that, I like red. As Vladimir says “the rivers will run red.” I usually do not play Xerath, but that does not mean he isn’t a good champion in League of Legends. To be quite honest, he is probably one of the best casters to use against an Attack Damage champion. I say this because of the usefulness of his passive. Xerath’s passive allows him to overlook building armor in his item build. This is because of the fact that Xerath receives armor for Ability Power. Xerath is probably the only champion that does not have to beef up to fight an Attack Damage enemy.

If you look above at the mastery page I use for Xerath, you won’t be surprised that it is the exact same page that I use for LeBlanc. As I said before, my theory with casters is that if you get caught even for a second, you might as well go to shop and see what item you need next. In other words, get caught in a bad spot as a caster, die — simple.

Again, Xerath uses my “wicked” rune page just as LeBlanc would. Like I mentioned before, Xerath gets armor for Ability Power, with that said, having quite a lot of Ability Power early game will in fact allow you to be much more durable for an early game gank, or just laning with an Attack Damage champion. Having Magic Penetration marks also helps Xerath early game because it lets you focus on only putting one point into his “W” because you will already have Magic Penetration from your runes. Please remember!!! Always land your “E” first, having this mark on your enemy means that you will stun them when you hit them with your next spell!

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Vladimir setup!

As you guys have already picked up on, Vladimir is my absolute favorite champion in League of Legends. He was the first champion I ever purchased, and ever since then, he has been my go to hero. From above, you can see that I own every Vladimir skin. Of course, I always use the legendary skin, to show that I am the Blood Lord, and that I spent $20 on a skin! Either way, play your favorite champion in style!

Looking above, my Vladimir masteries are not like many other players. Typically, a mastery build would be seen as 21-0-9, 21-9-0, 0-9-21, 0-21-9, 9-0-21, or 9-21-0. After looking at the usual  builds, you see with that my mastery setup for Vladimir is 19-0-11. Now, before we judge, look down the utility tree to find out why I put 11 points into greens. For points 9, 10, and 11 you can see that I got something directly linked to Vladimir’s success: Spell Vamp! An extra 3% Spell Vamp at level 1 is immeasurable in value. Remember that! The offensive masteries are pretty basic in setup minus point 20 and 21.

Above is the rune page I use for Vladimir. Notice that I have purchased the brand new Spell Vamp runes as well. In addition to the 3% Spell Vamp from masteries, I now have an additional 6% Spell Vamp from runes, a total of 9% at level 1. Tell me about lane sustaining. The health seals are a must, 48 extra health at level one keeps you there for a while, making you somewhat immovable. Marks are standard for any caster. When it comes to glyphs, I do have ability power per level, but I am on the verge of changing them out with cooldown per level!

Here is the absolute best Vladimir build. This is a build that will definitely promise you a win early game, and a complete blowout win late game. Always start with boots and 3 health potions. Most people will run back after they get some cash and buy an Amplifying Tome, or Blasting Want. Before you keep up this bad habit, FriendsWithMana’s mangalcb will let you in on a pro secret. Upgrade your boots first!! Get your Sorcerer’s Boots as soon as you can. You will absolutely dominate when it comes to movement speed, and the extra 20 Magic Penetration makes you hurt much more than any Amplifying Tome can do. If you are as good a laner as mangalcb, rush a Deathcap, follow up with a Will of the Ancients, get the Rylias, a Void Staff, and end the game with an Abyssal’s Scepter.

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LeBlanc setup!

I have every champion that I own skinned, which means that I have every champion skinned. Anyways, with LeBlanc, I ended up purchasing the Prestigious LeBlanc skin. As much as I loved 101 Dalmations, I cannot say that I particularly enjoyed the haircut on the Wicked Leblanc skin.

LeBlanc is a champion who will essentially die when caught. With that being said, why would we waste time putting points into defense. In addition to this, she is probably (in my opinion) the biggest burst damage in the game, BY FAR. With all of that burst damage, throwing 21 points into offense was not a hard decision. I put 9 points into the utility tree. This is simply because of the fact that the extra mana and mana regeneration you get in the first 9 points helps a lot during early game!

This is the rune page that I use for LeBlanc. This allows me to start the game with I believe 46 AP. This is huge for when I turn level two and start harassing people. The magic penetration marks are standard for a majority of casters in League of Legends. The key with a caster such as LeBlanc is stacking on the AP early game, remember this!

My harass strategy for LeBlanc is very simple. Hit your enemy with the Q, and follow up with a quick W. PLEASE MAKE SURE that you are hitting W directly after contact, that way you are right back where you started. Your enemies will not have time to react!

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