mangalcb using the Darius Guillotine the right way!

I build Darius as a tank. I have recently found out that he is an amazing jungler as well. Either way, look at me tank a Nidalee as well as another Darius, AND escape with a kill.

The ult Darius has is unforgiving. Look at me spin and completely mutilate Nidalee with my ultimate. Darius is great at making your opponents life bars disappear.

Darius does a huge amount of damage with his spin. In addition to that, look at the range. If you are playing Darius make sure that you max out his Q spell to do some serious damage.

Here is another look at Darius’ ult. He is definitely the new League of Legends overpowered flavor of the week. Either way, I’m taking advantage of this for as long as I can.

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