Lets play some Jarvan!

Jarvan setup!

Jarvan, the examplar of Demacia. Probably one of the tankiest/AD champions in the game. His passive allows you to hit enemies based on 6% of their maximum life for the first hit, and every hit four seconds after that. Pretty messed up if you ask me. His standard and spear combo is absolutely one of the best disrupts in the game. With that said, his ultimate is also very disruptive – to a point. You can easily screw your teammates over if you mess up a Jarvan ult, or forget to release it in escape situations. Also, I use this Jarvan skin because he is a dragon slayer, what else do you wanna know? Geeze…

Here is the standard 9-21-0 tanky dps champion mastery page that I use for Jarvan. You cannot be successful by building this guy completely AD, you need some type of tankiness or else you’re just going to die in team fights. Please remember that Jarvan is an engager! Grab items like a Heart of Gold and turn it into a Randuins Omen or Locket of the Iron Solari. It may not be a bad idea grabbing a Madred’s Bloodrazor either. Look back and read  about his passive, ON TOP of the Bloodrazor… pretty messed up!

I use my jungler rune page with Jarvan. 1. Because he is a jungler. and 2. Because he needs some type of tankiness early game in order to survive. His early game sustain is out of this world with a Doran’s Shield. Grab one of those and go to the top lane. Or grab the cloth armor, 5 potions, and head to the Golems! Also, if you mess up the Jarvan ult, do not panic. Simply hit your R again and it will shut down the walls.

I only have 3 videos of Jarvan worth showing, they are soon to come!

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