Darius so obNOXUS

Darius setup!

Well holy Hell, here he is. In my opinion, the most overpowered champion on League of Legends. Bar none. That is it. Even after getting nerfed after his first week in action, Darius is the most powerful. I guess that’s probably why I got this Lord Darius skin. Either way, his hemorrhage scales 1/3 of his attack damage, and he is a tank. Yes, I pretty much said to build him as tank as possible, and put an Atmas Impaler on top of him. GG

The same runes that I use for Jarvan I use for Darius. He is most likely going to be built the same way as Jarvan early game. When I play Darius, I play him as a jungler on 5’s and solo top on 3’s. He is so dangerous to lane against. His spin applies stacks of hemorrhage, and this hurts BADLY. If you really want to be a boss with Darius, here’s a hint. Take ignite to secure kills as your enemies run away. Hemorrhage on top of ignite is huge damage.

Like I said before, runes for me are completely about the early game advantage. Especially for tanky heroes. Taking the armor, the armor pen, and movement speed on Darius allow me to stay in lane forever, and not go back to buy until I have a lantern and boots! There is a huge difference when you can jungle for a while without having to go back. Sometimes this allows you to be a higher level than the mid lane even. Gameplay videos? Comin’ right up!

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