Lux gameplay mangalcb Sharpshoots

See the red line? Run, Ghost, Flash, do something… just don’t stand still!

Here is me taking out our enemy Galio on our tower. Even though he was stupid to ult on an enemy tower, its something I will definitely take advantage of.

Here is example #2 showing how Lux can snipe her enemies out without them knowing where she is. Look at this GP barely get away before I shoot him down. Make sure you work on your kiting.

Here is one example on how Lux can snipe out enemies without even having to engage or be hit. Here is me showing the enemy Lux how you actually play this champion. Steady aim!

I’m not too sure why I dove as a squishy caster, but Lux’s shield saved her here. Make sure that as you play Lux, DO NOT FORGET to level your shield. It saved me here, it can save you too.

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