Flashlight? Or Lux?!

Lux setup!

All I can say about this Lux skin, is that I always used to watch that one show… I think it was called Bewitched? Anyways, I think that this is the skin for that show. I always remember the lady would wiggle her nose and disappear? So long ago! Lux is one of the better support/carry champions in the game. Of course as a witch you expect her to be an AP champion. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. she is a sharpshooter with somewhat of a limited range. Just don’t get caught by me! I’m firin’ mah lazer!

This is a given, but for Lux I use my Blast AP mastery page. I put 21 points in offense to make sure I get the job done with her ultimate. The executioner mastery enables me to do this. I grab some Utility Masteries putting points into mana regen so I can stay in lane, and I also grab some movement speed points so I can chase people down and snare them!

I use the Wicked rune page. I mean, Lux is a witch right?! Anyways, if you have a caster and are not using magic penetration marks, you’re probably doing it wrong. Nevermind, you’re just doing it wrong. I get some scaling AP glyphs, and some flat AP for all of my other runes to make sure I am really pounding these enemies down early game. REMEMBER! Read Lux’s passive! Whenever you hit an enemy with an ability, your next basic attack is enhanced! Learn to use this in a safe and effective way!

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