mangalcb using the Darius Guillotine the right way!

I build Darius as a tank. I have recently found out that he is an amazing jungler as well. Either way, look at me tank a Nidalee as well as another Darius, AND escape with a kill.

The ult Darius has is unforgiving. Look at me spin and completely mutilate Nidalee with my ultimate. Darius is great at making your opponents life bars disappear.

Darius does a huge amount of damage with his spin. In addition to that, look at the range. If you are playing Darius make sure that you max out his Q spell to do some serious damage.

Here is another look at Darius’ ult. He is definitely the new League of Legends overpowered flavor of the week. Either way, I’m taking advantage of this for as long as I can.

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Darius so obNOXUS

Darius setup!

Well holy Hell, here he is. In my opinion, the most overpowered champion on League of Legends. Bar none. That is it. Even after getting nerfed after his first week in action, Darius is the most powerful. I guess that’s probably why I got this Lord Darius skin. Either way, his hemorrhage scales 1/3 of his attack damage, and he is a tank. Yes, I pretty much said to build him as tank as possible, and put an Atmas Impaler on top of him. GG

The same runes that I use for Jarvan I use for Darius. He is most likely going to be built the same way as Jarvan early game. When I play Darius, I play him as a jungler on 5’s and solo top on 3’s. He is so dangerous to lane against. His spin applies stacks of hemorrhage, and this hurts BADLY. If you really want to be a boss with Darius, here’s a hint. Take ignite to secure kills as your enemies run away. Hemorrhage on top of ignite is huge damage.

Like I said before, runes for me are completely about the early game advantage. Especially for tanky heroes. Taking the armor, the armor pen, and movement speed on Darius allow me to stay in lane forever, and not go back to buy until I have a lantern and boots! There is a huge difference when you can jungle for a while without having to go back. Sometimes this allows you to be a higher level than the mid lane even. Gameplay videos? Comin’ right up!

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mangalcb Jarvan Gameplay

Jarvan has a combo with two spells that is an interrupt, and what I have just found out, a reveal. Teemo’s passive allows him to become invisible after 3 seconds of no activity. Take a look at me reveal him to allow Shaco to get the kill.

Jarvan is a tank and a support player. Look at me completely dive this Teemo on his tower, and barely take any damage as I kill him.

Jarvan’s ult is one of the best trapping spells in the game. If you use it wrong however, you will definitely upset yourself, your team, and possibly lose games or kills. Here is a correct showing of Jarvan’s ult. Look how close Teemo is to his healing fountain… too bad he’s trapped. GG

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Lets play some Jarvan!

Jarvan setup!

Jarvan, the examplar of Demacia. Probably one of the tankiest/AD champions in the game. His passive allows you to hit enemies based on 6% of their maximum life for the first hit, and every hit four seconds after that. Pretty messed up if you ask me. His standard and spear combo is absolutely one of the best disrupts in the game. With that said, his ultimate is also very disruptive – to a point. You can easily screw your teammates over if you mess up a Jarvan ult, or forget to release it in escape situations. Also, I use this Jarvan skin because he is a dragon slayer, what else do you wanna know? Geeze…

Here is the standard 9-21-0 tanky dps champion mastery page that I use for Jarvan. You cannot be successful by building this guy completely AD, you need some type of tankiness or else you’re just going to die in team fights. Please remember that Jarvan is an engager! Grab items like a Heart of Gold and turn it into a Randuins Omen or Locket of the Iron Solari. It may not be a bad idea grabbing a Madred’s Bloodrazor either. Look back and read  about his passive, ON TOP of the Bloodrazor… pretty messed up!

I use my jungler rune page with Jarvan. 1. Because he is a jungler. and 2. Because he needs some type of tankiness early game in order to survive. His early game sustain is out of this world with a Doran’s Shield. Grab one of those and go to the top lane. Or grab the cloth armor, 5 potions, and head to the Golems! Also, if you mess up the Jarvan ult, do not panic. Simply hit your R again and it will shut down the walls.

I only have 3 videos of Jarvan worth showing, they are soon to come!

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Lux gameplay mangalcb Sharpshoots

See the red line? Run, Ghost, Flash, do something… just don’t stand still!

Here is me taking out our enemy Galio on our tower. Even though he was stupid to ult on an enemy tower, its something I will definitely take advantage of.

Here is example #2 showing how Lux can snipe her enemies out without them knowing where she is. Look at this GP barely get away before I shoot him down. Make sure you work on your kiting.

Here is one example on how Lux can snipe out enemies without even having to engage or be hit. Here is me showing the enemy Lux how you actually play this champion. Steady aim!

I’m not too sure why I dove as a squishy caster, but Lux’s shield saved her here. Make sure that as you play Lux, DO NOT FORGET to level your shield. It saved me here, it can save you too.

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Flashlight? Or Lux?!

Lux setup!

All I can say about this Lux skin, is that I always used to watch that one show… I think it was called Bewitched? Anyways, I think that this is the skin for that show. I always remember the lady would wiggle her nose and disappear? So long ago! Lux is one of the better support/carry champions in the game. Of course as a witch you expect her to be an AP champion. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. she is a sharpshooter with somewhat of a limited range. Just don’t get caught by me! I’m firin’ mah lazer!

This is a given, but for Lux I use my Blast AP mastery page. I put 21 points in offense to make sure I get the job done with her ultimate. The executioner mastery enables me to do this. I grab some Utility Masteries putting points into mana regen so I can stay in lane, and I also grab some movement speed points so I can chase people down and snare them!

I use the Wicked rune page. I mean, Lux is a witch right?! Anyways, if you have a caster and are not using magic penetration marks, you’re probably doing it wrong. Nevermind, you’re just doing it wrong. I get some scaling AP glyphs, and some flat AP for all of my other runes to make sure I am really pounding these enemies down early game. REMEMBER! Read Lux’s passive! Whenever you hit an enemy with an ability, your next basic attack is enhanced! Learn to use this in a safe and effective way!

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mangalcb Nasus Gameplay

Please, for the love of God. Do not let Nasus get away with farming the Q!!!

Here is another video that shows just how dangerous it is to let a Nasus get farmed up. Look at this team fight where I target the enemy Malzahar. You can see his lifebar completely melt down as I keep on walking as if he were any other minion.

This is a video that shows once again how powerful Nasus is. Farming up his Siphoning Strike for a long time makes even the heaviest of opponents seem like the smallest. Look at this Volibear run for his life, but fail to get away.

This video shows just how dangerous it is to let a Nasus get farmed up. Look at me tank a tower, and blow down two enemy players to get an unstoppable double kill.

Here is a video of me playing Nasus, in our successful attempt to ace our enemy team. This video shows just how useful Nasus’ wither spell is. Volibear is a very fast opponent. Look at me slow him down and have my ult’s AOE take him down.

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